William Michals as Chauvelin
SP4: National Tour

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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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Center Stage at the Neil Simon
and interviews from the summer of '99

During the summer of 1999, while Pimpernel was playing in Texas and Georgia before returning to Broadway, Center Stage ran several interviews with members of the creative team for the show. Once the show reopened in New York, we resumed our interviews with cast members. All of these are posted below.

To view interviews conducted with the cast and crew from the Minskoff run of the show, go to Center Stage at the Minskoff.


NameRole or Position
Nick Corley  part 1 Readings Director
Nick Corley  part 2 Readings Director
Jane Greenwood Costume Design
Ed Dixon Former Ozzy
Frank Wildhorn Music
Roundtable  part 1 League Members
Roundtable  part 2 League Members
Katie Nutt Ensemble
Ken Land and
Elizabeth Ward Land
Dewhurst and
Marie (u/s Marguerite)
James Hindman Ben (u/s Ozzy, Farleigh)
Ron Bohmer  part 1 Percy/Pimpernel
Ron Bohmer  part 2 Percy/Pimpernel
Carolee Carmello Marguerite
Marc Kudisch Chauvelin
Kirk McDonald Armand
Harvey Evans Ozzy
Russell Garrett Elton
Peter Flynn Swing, understudy Percy,
Dewhurst and Farleigh
Nan Knighton Book and Lyrics
Center Stage Contest Questions
Center Stage Contest Answers

All interviews conducted by Nancy Rosati.

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