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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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Center Stage Contest

Here are the answers to the Center Stage Contest, run on December 29, 1999. If you have not yet tried this yourself, start with the question list.

1. Who tries to shy away from "that Broadway mentality?"
Frank Wildhorn

2. Who played Mary Magdalene in a one-woman show written by Ron Melrose?
Katie Nutt

3. Who has played (not understudied) two different Bounders in his SP career?
Ken Land

4. Who feels that you have to be a people watcher in order to do her job?
Jane Greenwood

5. Who is the only person to be in every version of SP, from the readings to 3.0?
Elizabeth Ward Land

6. Who doesn't think actors should bring their work home?
Russell Garrett

7. Who described her occupation as a "bum?" (Note - she is now gainfully employed.)
Kelly Honig

8. Who sort of fell into his song writing career?
Ron Bohmer

9. Who handed out Werther's Butterscotch candies and SP flyers on the TKTS line?
Sal Italiano

10. Who believes that he will ultimately do more directing than performing in the future?
Peter Flynn

11. Who felt that she was "condemned" to a life of Pimpernel?
Shari Perkins

12. Who is a self-proclaimed "theater junkie?"
Peter Williams

13. Who is determined to write a play based on The Emperor's New Clothes?
Nan Knighton

14. Whose interview began with an impromptu lesson in economic theory?
Marc Kudisch

15. Who seriously considered a career as a corporate personnel manager?
Carolee Carmello

16. Who considered SP to be his "day job" while he did his writing and producing the rest of the time?
Jim Hindman

17. Who, after many years in show business, finally managed to impress his nieces by being on the Internet?
Harvey Evans

18. Who was hoping that "Into the Fire" would have a huge white sail rising instantly from the stage?
Nick Corley

19. Who sang only four bars for his audition before he was told he had a callback?
Kirk McDonald

20. Who started his career as a "walking voice?"
Ed Dixon

34 fans participated in this contest from December 29, 1999 through January 4, 2000. As with our last Center Stage concest, every entry was correct! Selected by random drawing, "Lady Katherine" is the contest winner. As her prize, she selected an autographed 8x10 copy of the first Center Stage photograph of Nan Knighton.

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