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League Roundtable Discussion

Center Stage has tried to present information about The Scarlet Pimpernel from all angles in order to give readers a better understanding of the workings of the production, from its very beginnings to the present time. With that in mind, I felt that I would be remiss if I did not present the viewpoint of The League. This fan group has proven to be an integral part of the mix and it can be argued quite convincingly that The Scarlet Pimpernel would not have survived the spring of 1998 if it were not for the enthusiastic support of The League.

To this end, I gathered a group of five Leaguers together for a roundtable discussion. Each person in the group has been with The League since the very early days, and has been a fan of the show since SP1. More importantly, each person has volunteered his or her time and talents to this production in some extraordinary capacity. This discussion took place on July 31, 1999, just after the opening of SP3 in Dallas. (None of us had seen SP3 yet.)

Those taking part in the roundtable discussion were:

Peter Williams - webmaster of the official site of SP and co-founder of the League mailing list
Shari Perkins - webmistress of Sir Percy's Place and co-founder of the League mailing list
Kelly Honig - administrator of the SP Message Board and coordinator of many League functions
Sal Italiano - ticket seller extrordinaire and coordinator of many League functions
Nancy Rosati - Center Stage Interviews

Shari and Chuck Wagner

NR: I would like to start out with a little intro into who everybody is and give us a little background on what you do in your real life and how you found this show or this group.

SP: I'm a sophomore at Cornell University and I'm an undeclared theater major. I actually spend so much time doing stuff in theater that I don't know how I manage to do stuff with the Internet. I'm a dresser, I'm a student. (laughing) I take classes sometimes too. That's pretty much my life - theater, studies, Pimpernel.

NR: What are you planning to do with the degree when you graduate?

SP: I'm not an actress. I'm thinking of doing advance study in stage managing.

NR: That's great. Where do you live when you're not at school?

SP: Roanoke, Virginia.

NR: OK. Peter, how about you?

PW: I am by day an Internet engineer for a company in Vermont, and by night a theater junkie. I was introduced to (Frank) Wildhorn's music in college by a friend. I was hooked immediately. One thing led to another and here I am.

NR: You have to say where "here" is because it's not Vermont anymore.

PW: Right. I was raised in Vermont and I just moved out of state, 720 miles, to Pittsburgh. Nancy, your turn.

NR: (laughing) I'm older than all of you. I actually have twenty years background in Cobol programming and banking and now I'm the Vice President in charge of Information Technology for the New York branch of a foreign bank. My job is completely non-theater related, but I've done community theater for twenty years as well and I've always been interested in it. I live on Long Island. I work in New York City one day a week, and telecommute from home the rest of the time. Kelly?

KH: I'm a bum. (laughs) Actually I'm going back to school in September, but I still don't know what I want to do with my life. I love theater. I've been to Broadway for ten years and it's pretty exciting. I live on Long Island and I work for a dentist. It's pretty interesting...I don't mind blood. (laughs) I just got a new job that I'm starting in September. I'll be working at New Dance Group in Manhattan, and I'm really excited, even though I'm sad to be leaving the dentist. I used to act when I was in high school. I still sing in a little alumni high school choir. That's about it.

SI: I'm a musician. I played with a band called CITIES and released a CD in the late 80's. I still study bass-guitar and vocals. I work at a music marketing company in Midtown called Concrete and I'm a free-lance haircutter. I don't like working in salons because it's just way crazy.

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Interview conducted by Nancy Rosati.

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