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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

This is the songlist from the original production of Pimpernel (SP1). You can learn more about the different versions of the show in the History Section. You can also view the revised songlist from versions SP2 through SP4.

Time: May into July, 1794
Place: England and France.
"Madame Guillotine"Ensemble
"Believe"Percy, Marguerite and Ensemble
"Vivez!"Marguerite, Lady Digby,
Lady Llewellyn, Percy and Ensemble
"Into The Fire"Percy and The League
"Falcon in the Dive"Chauvelin
"When I Look At You"Marguerite
"The Scarlet Pimpernel"Percy, Marguerite, Marie, Armand,
Lady Digby, Lady Llewellyn and Servants
"Where's the Girl?"Chauvelin
"When I Look at You" (Reprise)Percy
"The Creation of Man"Percy, Prince of Wales and The League
Marguerite's DilemmaChauvelin and Marguerite
"The Riddle"Chauvelin, Marguerite, Percy and Ensemble
"They Seek Him Here"Percy, Prince of Wales, Lady Digby,
Lady Llewellyn and Ensemble
"Only Love"Marguerite
"She Was There"Percy
"Storybook"Leontine and French Chorus
"Where's the Girl?" (Reprise)Chauvelin
"Lullaby"Helene and Chloe
"You Are My Home"Marguerite, Armand and French Prisoners
The DuelPercy and Chauvelin
"Believe" (Reprise)Percy, Marguerite and Company
"Into the Fire" (Reprise)Company

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