Terrence Mann as Chauvelin

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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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This is the revised songlist for Pimpernel which was used on Broadway and national tour (SP2 through SP4), and is used in all licensed productions. You can learn more about the different versions of the show in the History Section. You can also view the original songlist from SP1.

Time: May into July, 1794
Place: England and France.
"Storybook"Marguerite and French Ensemble
"Madame Guillotine"Chauvelin and Ensemble
"You Are My Home"Percy and Marguerite
Wedding DanceEnsemble
"Into The Fire"Percy and The League
The RescueEnsemble
"Falcon in the Dive"Chauvelin
"When I Look At You"Marguerite
"Where's the Girl?"Chauvelin
"You Are My Home" (Reprise)Marguerite and Armand
"The Creation of Man"Percy and The League
Marguerite's DilemmaChauvelin, Marguerite
"The Riddle"Chauvelin, Marguerite and Percy
"The Scarlet Pimpernel"Percy, Marguerite and Ball Guests
"They Seek Him Here"Percy and Ball Guests
The GavotteEnsemble
"She Was There"Percy
"Storybook" (Reprise)Marguerite and French Girls
"Where's the Girl?" (Reprise)Chauvelin
"Into the Fire" (Reprise)The League
"I'll Forget You"Marguerite
The DuelPercy, Chauvelin and Marguerite
"When I Look at You"(Reprise)Percy and Marguerite
"Into the Fire" (Reprise)Ensemble

The show runs approximately two hours and forty minutes,
including a fifteen minute intermission.

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