Amy Bodnar as Marguerite
SP4: National Tour

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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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SP4 - The National Tour

After the show closed at the Neil Simon Theatre, plans were formed for a national tour. Yet more changes were made to the show, resulting in one more version: SP4.

In this transition, the locations of several scenes were moved around and consolidated, to keep more of the action in Paris. In SP1 through SP3, Percy and his men used Tussaud's cellar as their hideout during Act Two. In SP4 this was changed to the Comédie Française (which was closed by Chauvelin at the start of the show). Later, when Chauvelin and Robespierre set their trap for the Pimpernel, Armand and Marguerite would lead them again to the Comédie Française - rather than all the way to Michelon on the seacoast. Thus the climax of the show took place within the dilapidated theater, which was complete with a guillotine set up inside.

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The close of the national tour brought an end to the sequence of different versions of the show. Pimpernel was made available for regional and amateur licensing (the licensed script most closely matches SP3, with the scaled-down cast and the seacoast ending). Since then it has been enjoyed by many performing groups and audiences throughout the US, the UK and in many other countries. These are listed in the Productions section of the website.

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