Ron Bohmer as Percy
SP3 and SP4

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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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The Cast of SP4

Below is a list of cast members from "SP4" - the equity national touring company of the show. Performers are grouped by the role(s) which they performed, showing who replaced who during this run of the show. Roles are listed in order of appearance.

You can find current information on the activities of many of these performers in the Alumni Updates Section.

You can learn more about SP4 and the other versions of the show in the History Section.

Amy BodnarMarguerite St. Just
William MichalsChauvelin
Douglas SillsPercival "Percy" Blakeney/
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Robert PatteriPercival "Percy" Blakeney/
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Ron BohmerPercival "Percy" Blakeney/
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Elizabeth Ward LandMarie [u/s Marguerite]
Jennifer ZimmermanMarie [u/s Marguerite]
Billy SharpeArmand St. Just
John Paul AlmonTussaud/Ensemble
[u/s Robespierre, Prince,
Ozzy, Dewhurst]
Leo DaignaultTussaud/Ensemble
[u/s Robespierre, Prince,
Ozzy, Dewhurst]
Darrel BlackburnTussaud/Ensemble
[u/s Robespierre, Prince]
Leo DaignaultTussaud/Ensemble
[u/s Robespierre, Prince,
Ozzy, Dewhurst]
Stephonne SmithCoupeau
Darrel BlackburnCoupeau
[u/s Robespierre, Prince]
Russell Joel BrownMercier
Harvey EvansOzzy
Peter FlynnElton [u/s Percy]
Russell GarrettElton
Ken LandDewhurst
James Van TreurenDewhurst
Aaron LazarDewhurst [u/s Percy]
Stephen HopeJessup/Ensemble
Aaron PaulBen [u/s Percy, Chauvelin]
Matthew ShepardFarleigh [u/s Percy, Chauvelin]
Edward StaudenmayerFarleigh [u/s Percy, Chauvelin]
Christopher CarothersFarleigh [u/s Percy, Chauvelin]
Leo DaignaultFarleigh
Christopher CarothersFarleigh [u/s Percy, Chauvelin]
D.B. BondsHal [u/s Percy, Armand]
Adam ArianHal [u/s Armand]
David CromwellRobespierre/Prince of Wales
Peter KapetanRobespierre/Prince of Wales
Matthew FarverEnsemble/St. Cyr
[u/s Armand, Ben, Hal]
Robb McKindlesEnsemble/St. Cyr [u/s Armand]
Rebekah JacobsEnsemble
Elizabeth O'NeillEnsemble
Terry RichmondEnsemble
Christeena Michelle RiggsEnsemble
[u/s Marguerite, Marie]
Chloe StewartEnsemble
[u/s Marguerite, Marie]
Marisa RozekEnsemble
Pam BradleyEnsemble
Chloe StewartEnsemble [u/s Marie]
Lisa YuenEnsemble
Michael SuskoEnsemble [u/s Elton, Hal]
Michael MooreEnsemble [u/s Elton, Hal]
Tom KosisEnsemble [u/s Elton, Hal]
Jennifer ZimmermanEnsemble [u/s Marguerite]
Kathleen ShieldsEnsemble
Zoie Morris QuindeEnsemble
Vincent Paul BoyleSwing [u/s Farleigh]
Grant RosenSwing, Ensemble [u/s Chauvelin, Ben, Farleigh, Hal]
Michael BunceSwing, Ensemble
[u/s Robespierre, Prince,
Ozzy, Dewhurst, Farleigh]
Drew GeraciSwing [u/s Elton, Ben, Hal]
Erin CoakleySwing [u/s Marie]
Angela GarrisonSwing, Ensemble
Laura SchutterSwing, Ensemble
Ashlee FifeSwing, Ensemble

These listings are complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge. If you know of a credit which should be added or changed, please let us know.

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