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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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Opernhaus Halle

The first season of performances ran from 14 February through 13 June 2003.
The second season ran from 1 November 2003 through 25 March 2004.
The third season ran from 19 November 2004 through 6 March 2005.
The fourth season ran from 3 December 2005 through 17 June 2006.
The fifth season ran from 27 January through 17 June 2007.
The sixth season ran from 26 January through 17 May 2008.
This production has also played in Baden, Austria.

Venue:Opernhaus Halle
Location:Universitätsring 24; 06108 Halle (Saale), Germany
Notes:Koen Schoots, who brought Jekyll & Hyde to Bremen, Germany, also conducted the German language premiere of Pimpernel.
The translation was done by Wolfgang Adenberg.

Leading the cast are:
Christoph Goetten as Percy (second season, Nov and Dec performances in the third season, fourth season, sixth season)
Darius Merstein-MacLeod as Percy (first season, Feb and Mar performances in the third season, fifth season)
Ann-Christin Elverum as Marguerite (first through fourth season)
Maricel as Marguerite (fifth and sixth season)
Christopher Murray as Chauvelin

This production has won the distinction of "Best Musical, Repertory Theater" for 2004 in the musical magazine "Da Capo."

A highlights recording is now available from this production, see the Recordings Page for more details.

Websites:Opernhaus Halle Website (in German)

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