Amy Bodnar as Marguerite
SP4: National Tour

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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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Pimpernel Alumni: A-D

John Paul Almon - Tussaud
Winner - Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for
"Romeo & Bernadette",  Coconut Grove Playhouse

Christine Andreas - Marguerite
Winner - 2003 Barrymore Award for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Musical
Love is Good: An Evening with Christine Andreas
The Kupferberg Center for the Arts
Queens, NY
Feb 14, 2014 (718) 793-8080
Official website - includes link for CD

Darrin Baker - Neville
What's a Nice Girl Like You -  CD

Stephanie Bast - Ensemble
A Tale of Two Cities -  CD

Bryan Batt - Standby Percy
Batt on a Hot Tin Roof
    54 Below
    254 W 54th St Cellar
    June 15 & 16, 2013  (866) 468-7619
2008 Bistro Award for Vocalist
Owner - Hazelnut
    New Orleans, LA
Author - She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother
Everybody's Getting Into the Act -  CD
Documentary - Broadway: The Golden Age
    with Douglas Sills
Official website - includes links for CDs

Eric Bennyhoff ... see T. Eric Hart

James Bohanek - Armand
Official website

Ron Bohmer - Percy/The Scarlet Pimpernel
Joseph Smith/Jesus/President/Dad - The Book of Mormon Tour
    See website The Book of Mormon Tour for venues and dates. The Thing About Men - CD
Forbidden Broadway SVU - CD
Official website - includes link for CDs

Bill Bowers - Leggett
Official website

Vincent Paul Boyle - Swing
Author - Audition Freedom: The Irreverent Wellness Guide For Theatre People
Official website

Russell Joel Brown - Mercier
Ensemble - Lion King Gazelle Tour
For Dates and Venues go to Lion King Tour Website
Official Website

Carolee Carmello - Marguerite
Fine and Dandy - CD
Unofficial website

Christopher Carothers - Farleigh (u/s Percy, Chauvelin)
Priest -Jesus Christ Superstar National Tour

Paul Castree - Swing, u/s Armand
Ensemble - 9 to 5 The Musical - Tour
    For Venues and Dates go to 9 to 5 musical website
    A Tale of Two Cities - CD

Nat Chandler - Standby Percy
Official Website

Dave Clemmons - Ben (u/s Chauvelin)
Official website

Leo Daignault - Tussaud
    (u/s Prince, Robespierre, Ozzy, Dewhurst)

Official website

R.F. Daley - Neville
Movies - Bridesmaids & Big Miracle
Secret Girlfriend -Comedy Central
Golden Earphone Award Narration
    Audiophile Magazine
Narrator - Pulp Fiction Audiobook CD's
    Galaxy Press
Kingslayer - Audio CD
To The Stars - Audio CD

Ed Dixon - Ozzy
The Throwbacks
    New York Musical Theatre Festival
    Studio Theatre
    420 W. 42nd St
    July 22, 2013 (212) 352-3101
  Ed Dixon Sings Ed Dixon - CD - produced by Ron Sharpe
The Governor - Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - CD
Author - Fanny Hill
Author - Richard Cory

George Dvorsky - Standby Percy

Official Website
Pete 'n' Keely - CD

James Dybas - Jessup (u/s Prince/Robespierre)
Official website

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