Rachel York as Marguerite
SP2: Minskoff Theater

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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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Christine Andreas

Terrence Mann

Madame Guillotine

"Plague For Sale!"

David Cromwell

Falcon in the Dive
Terrence Mann

When I Look At You
Christine Andreas, Douglas Sills

The Parlor Scene
Pamela Burrell, Sandy Rosenberg, Elizabeth Ward

The Rose Garden
Terrence Mann, Christine Andreas

Marguerite and Armand
Christine Andreas, Gilles Chiasson

The Creation of Man
The Bounders

The Creation of Man
David Cromwell, Bounders

The Creation of Man
Ed Dixon, Douglas Sills, Bounders

The Riddle
Terrence Mann, Christine Andreas

They Seek Him Here
Sandy Rosenberg, Douglas Sills, Pamela Burrell

The Prince's Ball
David Cromwell, Christine Andreas, Ensemble

Melissa Hart, Alison Lory

Dewhurst and Percy
James Judy, Douglas Sills, Bounders

The Duel
Terrence Mann, Douglas Sills


Terrence Mann, Douglas Sills, Christine Andreas

All photography by Joan Marcus

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