Rex Smith as Chauvelin
SP2: Minskoff Theater

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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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The cast of the non-equity tour, running September through November of 2002, is as follows:

MargueriteAnne Brummel
MarieJulie Rebecca Holmes
PercyRye Mullis
ChauvelinStephen Brown
ArmandJohn Cormier
St. Cyr/JessupJason Simon
TussaudBrian Gallagher
CoupeauJesse Sullivan
MercierWalt Frasier
OzzyDan Kolodny
DewhurstDexter James Brigham
EltonMichael Bleyer
FarleighRoger Barbieri
HalRobert Lewandowski
BenAlex Back
Prince of Wales/RobespierreKevin Sturmer

Cupids, Soldiers, Prisoners, Guests
(not appearing as named characters above):
Keith Berg, Casey Connoly, Amy Lynne Gasparik, Cindy Grabowski, Bonne Kramer, Jen Quail, Emma Scott, Jill Shullenbarger

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