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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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Changes between SP1 and SP2

Many changes were made to the show, between SP1 and SP2. It received a new staging and the scene and song list were heavily modified. No scene was left untouched and there were several songs removed, added or altered. Some of the changes included...

The song "Storybook", which was sung by Marguerite in the Act Two bistro scene in SP1 (with the start of the song performed by Ensemble member Terry Richmond), was changed to become the opening number of the show, done at the Comédie Française. A reprise is still used in the bistro scene.

For SP2, Chauvelin took the lead in the song "Madame Guillotine", which was previously more of an ensemble number.

In SP1, Percy and Marguerite sang "Believe" at their wedding. In the prison scene in Act Two, the "Lullaby" was sung by two other prisoners and then Marguerite and Armand sang "You Are My Home". For SP2, "Believe", "Lullaby" and the full-length, brother-sister "You Are My Home" were all cut. Marguerite now sings "I'll Forget You" in the prison scene, and she and Percy sing a new version of "You Are My Home" at their wedding. A reprise of "You Are My Home" was added later in Act One, between Marguerite and Armand. Nan Knighton discusses these changes in two Q&A's on her website: Q&A 1  Q&A 2.

The song "Vivez", performed in the wedding scene in SP1, was also cut. A new Wedding Dance was added to the show.

SP2 has a completely new Rescue sequence following "Into The Fire". In SP1 the rescue was a more dialogue-driven sequence, with one of the Bounders (James Judy) frightening the crowd by claiming to have the plague and offering to share it with everyone. SP2 has a choreographed sequence without dialogue, set to underscoring.

Just before "Falcon In The Dive", Chauvelin is instructed to work with the Belgian spy Grappin. In SP1, it was only revealed at the end of the show that Grappin was one of Percy's disguises (according to the Playbill, the role was played by Ken Labey... an anagram for Blakeney). This mystery element was removed from SP2, and the audience sees Percy change into his Grappin costume during "Into The Fire".

For SP2, the song "The Scarlet Pimpernel" was scaled down in the Act One drawing room scene. A shorter version was added at the start of Act Two, in the ball scene.

"The Creation of Man" was restaged... in SP1 the Prince of Wales was involved. The new version has completely new choreography and costumes (animal prints!) and ends with the League meeting the Prince.

The Ball at the start of Act Two was also greatly reorganized, and was redefined from being Lord Grenville's Ball in SP1 to the Prince's own Ball in SP2.

The song "Only Love" was cut from the footbridge scene. The loss of this song in particular has been grieved by fans. Nan Knighton discusses why it had to be cut in a Q&A on her site.

A reprise of "Into The Fire", which The League sings to Percy, was added in Act Two.

The Duel was also given a new staging, and starting with SP2 Marguerite actually joins into the fighting.

The part of the Fisherman (played by David Cromwell in SP1) was cut.

At the end of the show, Percy and Marguerite sang a reprise of "Believe" in SP1. This was changed to a reprise of "When I Look At You" for SP2.

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