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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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Center Stage Contest

Here are the answers to the Center Stage Contest, run on Setpember 22, 1999. If you have not yet tried this yourself, start with the question list.

1.Who gave names to all of her wigs?
Terry Richmond

2.Who stopped people on the street if they were wearing a Les Miz cast jacket?
Doug Storm

3.Who shared some costume horror stories?
Jessica Phillips

4.Who sang "Silent Night" for her SP audition?
Alison Lory

5.Who received a degree in philosophy from Harvard?
Ron Melrose

6.Who thought SP1 was similar to the old Carol Burnett Show?
David Cromwell

7.Who had this poem hanging in his dressing room? "Lay your body down, long and lean, and put your head in the guillotine."
Michael Halling

8.Who thought people buy a ticket to see danger?
Douglas Sills

9.Who started his interview by asking questions?
Mark McGrath

10.Who was in the first show to play at the Uris Theatre? (hint - the show closed in a week)
James Dybas

11.Who basically kicked a stool to himself in SP1?
Stephen Hope

12.Who said that one of his big songs made him feel like he was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie?
Rex Smith

13.Who thought, "The humiliation continues" when he saw the "Creation of Man" costumes for SP2?
James Judy

14.Who described his hobbies as "raising hell" and "building stuff?"
Tom Zemon

15.Who is in a band called "Five Floor Monica?"
James Bohanek

16.Who compared facets of her job to a big jigsaw puzzle?
Nan Knighton

17.Who was told by Rick Sordelet, "Never lose your integrity?"
Stephanie Bast

18.Who felt like a clod in dance class as a child, but used that experience in a role later on?
Rachel York

19.Whose first Broadway role was with Colleen Dewhurst?
Jeff Gardner

20.Who prompted the rewrite of a script by answering a question with, "Yeah, now and forever?"
Bryan Batt

40 fans participated in this contest from September 22-29, 1999. Every entry was correct (yea fans)! Selected by random drawing, Meena Rao is the contest winner. As her prize, Meena selected an autographed 8x10 copy of the first Center Stage photograph of Bryan Batt.

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