Christine Andreas as Marguerite

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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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The Cast of SP1

Below is a list of cast members from "SP1" - the original production of the show at the Minskoff Theatre in New York. Performers are grouped by the role(s) which they performed, showing who replaced who during this run of the show. Roles are listed in order of appearance.

You can find current information on the activities of many of these performers in the Alumni Updates Section.

You can learn more about SP1 and the other versions of the show in the History Section.

Marine JahanMadame St. Cyr/Ensemble
Tim ShewSt. Cyr
Mark McGrathSt. Cyr [u/s Chauvelin]
Elizabeth Ward LandMarie
Philip HoffmanTussaud
James JudyDewhurst
Terrence MannChauvelin
Douglas SillsPercival "Percy" Blakeney/
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Christine AndreasMarguerite St. Just
Sandy RosenbergLady Digby
Pamela BurrellLady Llewellyn
Gilles ChiassonArmand St. Just
James BohanekArmand St. Just
Ed DixonOzzy
Allen FitzpatrickFarleigh
Bill BowersLeggett
Adam PeltyElton [u/s Dewhurst]
Russell GarrettElton
Ron SharpeHal
Michael HanceHal
William Thomas EvansHastings [u/s Percy]
Dave ClemmonsBen [u/s Chauvelin]
Ken LandBen [u/s Dewhurst,
Ozzy, Farleigh]
R. F. DaleyNeville
Darrin BakerNeville
David CromwellRobespierre/Prince of Wales/Fisherman
Ken LabeyGrappin
Eric BennyhoffCoupeau [u/s Chauvelin]
Eric Bennyhoff changed his name during this run of the show, becoming Timothy Eric Hart.
Jeff GardnerMercier/Ensemble
James DybasJessup/Executioner
[u/s Robespierre, Prince]
Terry RichmondStorybook Chanteuse/
Ensemble [u/s Marie]
Melissa HartHelene/Ensemble [u/s Lady Digby, Lady Llewellyn]
Cynthia SophieaHelene/Ensemble
Alison LoryChloe/Ensemble
Stephanie BastEnsemble
Nick CavarraEnsemble/Soldier #1
[u/s Armand]
Sutton FosterEnsemble/Sous-chef
Kay StoryEnsemble/Sous-chef
Jessica PhillipsEnsemble/Sous-chef
Lauri LandryEnsemble/Manon Roland
[u/s Marguerite]
Don MayoEnsemble/Jailer
T. Doyle LeverettEnsemble/Jailer
Kevyn MorrowEnsemble/Chauvelin's Aide 2
Katie NuttEnsemble
Craig RubanoEnsemble/Soldier #3
[u/s Armand]
Charles WestEnsemble/Soldier #2
George DvorskyStandby Percy/Pimpernel
Paul CastreeSwing [u/s Armand]
Richard RolandSwing
Sarah KnappSwing
Stacia FernandezSwing [u/s Lady Digby,
Lady Llewellyn]
Natalie BlalockSwing [u/s Lady Digby,
Lady Llewellyn]
Catherine LaValleSwing [u/s Marguerite]
Ed SalaSwing [u/s Dewhurst,
Ozzy, Farleigh]
Darrin BakerSwing
Ed SalaSwing [u/s Dewhurst,
Ozzy, Farleigh]
Stephen HopeSwing [u/s Robespierre, Prince, Dewhurst, Ozzy, Farleigh]

These listings are complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge. If you know of a credit which should be added or changed, please let us know.

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