Carolee Carmello as Marguerite
SP3: Neil Simon Theater

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The Scarlet Pimpernel : Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical.

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Clingenberg Festival
Date:18 June - 27 July 2003
Times:Wednesday through Sunday at 8:30 pm.
No performance on 19 June, 9 or 16 July.
Venue:Adjacent to Castle Clingenberg
Location:Klingenberg am Main, Germany
Notes:This is the tenth season of Klingenberg's summer, open air festival. They will be presenting a new German production of Pimpernel!

The show is directed by the Festival's Founding Artistic Director, Udo Schuermer.

Wolfgang DeMarco is Percy
Anna Carolin Stein is Marguerite
Marc Pagan is Chauvelin

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